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Summer Sundress series post!

A while back Melissa of Melly Sews asked me to contribute to her Summer Sundress Series this month.  A bunch of talented bloggers, sharing out love of sundresses for adults and kids, in a variety of projects, tutorials, and posts.

Of course I loooooove sundresses--making myself cute clothes over the summer break was how I got into sewing!!!--so of COURSE I had something to say!  I considered posting a list of my top fave sundresses, but I decided you all probably wanted to see a new dress. ;)  So, I made one that incorporates a lot of my fave elements for spring and summer: hint:

Colorblock + bustier + flounced skirt + MINT! + linen...

So head on over to her blog today and read my Summer Sundress Series post!  You know you want the details and how I did it.  Here's a teaser...

Check out the story here!


  1. Anonymous6/26/2012

    I love it! Looks amazing!
    I recently made a dress in this same colour scheme too - mint bodice, floral white skirt. :)



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