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Vacation is good for you. Pics!!

I mentioned last week husband and I went on a mini-vacation to celebrate our dating anniversary.  We had a great time, which was suprising considering we've had a really rough month and I was not in a super party mood.  But OMG, I forgot how good it feels to be on vacation!

My first vacation since our honeymoon, and the only vacation I've planned this year--and it was only one night.  But it was a great refresher.  Vacation Suzannah is much more fun than Regular Suzannah.  ;)

We started out our trip with a picnic at Cape Disappointment State Park on the Washington Coast.  (Oh, and I should note--this was also my first time playing with my new 50mm lens and I am in love. Changed my life. ISO down to like 1.something and love the sharp focus! So happy I bought it!)

Then we checked into our cool eco-friendly hotel in Long Beach, Washington, the Adrift Hotel... I had a special discount thing, but it's super affordable anyway and I def wanna go back sometime. We relaxed in the cool, modern, minimalist room and used the iPod dock...

Then we borrowed bikes from the hotel lobby--cool feature, right!?--and biked around Long Beach.  Here's the famous Marsh's Free Museum.

Other, uh, attractions...

And even rode onto the beach!

The hotel had a super cool restaurant/bar thing on the top floor, with a great ocean view and cool west elm-ey decor.

After dinner we borrowed a movie and game from the lobby, and ended up just playing Risk for a couple hours! Amazing how fun something so simple can be. Helps when you're staring out your window at the sunset over the beach, though.

Oh, one of my favorite parts... Friday morning, we sat on the comfy couches in the cool, modern lobby and read our books for two hours!  And enjoyed the organic coffee they had.

They gave me a special French press for my decaf.  Luxury... ;)

It was still super early and gorgeous out, so we went for a walk in the sun on the beach--this is pretty rare for the Pacific Northwest coast in June!

Then we headed down the coast to Seaside, Oregon, one of our favorite places, and had some lunch. And saw the annual vintage car show, which we remembered we've seen about five other times celebrating other anniversaries over the eight years we've been together and liked going to the beach. Funny. We also went to the saltwater taffy place where you get to spin the wheel. We didn't win anything.

But, Seaside is great in the sun, too!

Then it was back home, feeling refreshed and festive.  Vacation is the best.  So glad it's summer and hopefully I'll have the chance for a few other short trips away!


  1. That sounds so awesome! Great pictures, by the way! :)

    1. Eeeeeee thanks!! High praise coming from you. ;D

  2. That photo of you riding on the beach is awesome! You look happy and relaxed!
    What a wonderful time.
    The hotel looks and sounds amazing

  3. Your pics are amazing! I wish I had such a lens!

    1. Thanks!! Put it on your wish list or something... worth it!

  4. The whole Long Beach Peninsula is amazing. Next time you're here, check out the Sou'wester. We are organizing a DIY market you may be interested in for the holidays.




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