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Classy beach house/bridal shower weekend

I feel so lucky that I was able to bring together all my bridesmaids this last weekend at one of their cousins's beach cabins--the most stylish and classy beach getaway you can imagine!  When I think beach house I think 15-year-old grandma's castoffs, and old puffy grey couch, flowered dishes... haha!  It usually doesn't matter because you're at the beach, but it was very nice to be in this modern (built in 2009), Danish-ey, IKEA/Marimekko/retro home.

I was also so very lucky that all five of my best women friends were able to come!

We practiced hair for the wedding!

And had fun make-your-own pizza night...


  1. oh my gosh the floors in that house just made me gasp!!

  2. wow that house is stunning!
    love the bathtub!!!

  3. I love the house, it's beautiful. I can't help to notice though, the beautiful dishes. Are those vintage??? Looking to buy some.

  4. Yeah!!
    @Lisa, no, they're probably not vintage although they could be--they're that classic Fiesta ware...

    So cute!

  5. i have those fiesta dishes! loooove them!!!!

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