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An original shabby chic throw pillow with antique doily

Just like it sounds--

I've been making so many pretty shabby chic, scrap-buster pillows recently, and when one of my friends had a birthday (she's an Anthro-aholic too) I made her a pillow!  I used a doily, some lace, and some fabric pieces I had left over from other projects.  Here it is in her front room:

Up close...
The back...

I was surprised by how well it coordinated with her other pillows!

I don't often give homemade gifts.  Do you?  What do you think about it?  Obviously it didn't cost me a lot of money, but I did spend time on it (but it wasn't a challenging project).  Thoughts??


  1. I think that's such a nice pillow! And you made it yourself which is even better (I like homemade gifts). It really does look great with her furniture and other pillows. Nice work :)

    xo katie elizabeth

  2. I love making gifts if I can organize myself in time to give it. I prefer receiving hand made gifts too. Very special. Valentino's gowns were all hand sewn!! no machine...it drops my jaw everytime.

  3. Your pillows are beautiful! I like the subtle lace on beige effect.

  4. I love home made gifts. They show imagination and thought. I try to make as many as possible :)

  5. Anonymous6/18/2011

    Almost all of my gifts are home made! I'm a firm believer in not buying someone something just because you have to, and settling on something that'll "do." It's certainly harder to find something to make for guys, I've found.

  6. Anonymous6/18/2011

    I love making -- and receiving -- homemade gifts. I like the time and thought put into them, especially if you make something that really fits someone's personality and tastes (which you seemed to do with this cute pillow!). Now if it were something like a huge, ugly knitted sweater, that would be different, but something classy like this is great and means so much more (to me at least) than something you just picked up at the store.

  7. Lovely pillow! I'd like to make more gifts in the future. I agree with thelordshousekeeper... if it fits the person, how much time and money were spent are non-issues. Great question.

  8. I made my sister a pillow for Christmas. The back was black toile (a favorite of hers) and on the front I printed off a picture of significance to her onto iron-on fabric. She loved it!

  9. J'aime beaucoup utiliser de vieilles dentelles ou napperons pour faire des coussins cadeaux,

  10. I love to make handmade gifts, although I know not everyone appreciates them, and would rather a store bought item from the registry!
    I also love receiving homemade gifts. To me they are far more personal and because they take time to make I feel the giver has put part of themselves into it too.

  11. I love making and receiving homemade gifts. It seems to represent thought, time, and love all in one present. But, as long as I am organized enough to make it with plenty of time before I need it, it is really fun and special.

  12. Homemade gifts show the person really took the time to think about you and spend time on you. I shy away from giving things that take very little time also because it doesn't seem to be worth as much. You know your friend well and you are very good at what you do, your experience has made it easier for you to accomplish your goal.



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