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A fun weekend-ey, ModCloth-ey BurdaStyle dress!!

Thanks again to Jessi for sharing this darling "Weekend Wenlan" dress with us!! So ModCloth-ey... read more to learn how to make one yourself!

Sometimes you need a dress that you can move in. A comfy little number that you can throw on and feel cute and just be done with it. That's how I feel about this Wenlan dress. It's perfect for weekends and just hanging around...
It was pretty simple to extend the length of the dress and eliminate the collar. I even added pockets but sewed them in a bit too low. Of course, I was making the dress last minute so my option was to have funny pockets, or no pockets. I hurried up and removed them so I could get out the door on time, annoyed at myself for not measuring correctly. You think I'd learn one of these days...
I'm usually more of a fitted dress person myself, so depending, you may want a more fitted version of this pattern. Kathleen did a fitted dress and Novita did one similar to this version. There are also a couple with exterior pockets and ruffles. I love basic patterns that you can do so much to.

*images via BurdaStyle, users Grosgrain and VeryPurplePerson

The dress is super comfy and quick to sew. I used a light wool suiting I picked up at an outlet in Minnesota over the summer and only ended up paying about $4.50/yd! I think it would be nice in a voille for late spring or summer, as you might see a few more of these. I'd love to have a budget for some Liberty prints!

Go make yourself a 'happy weekend' dress!
Thanks, Jessi!  Readers, click here to see more Adventures with Sweetie Pie Bakery from Jessi of Sweetie Pie Bakery!


  1. Wow-I love this sort of dresses!!

  2. Cute dress. I like its color.

  3. Adorable! I passed over the Wenlan Blouse pattern as "cute but not for me" but I never would have thought of modifying it this way. The dress is adorable and I may just have to try this myself!!

  4. The dress looks great!

  5. Anonymous2/18/2011

    love that last photo with the "happy weekend" labeled below it. so fun!



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