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Aaaaah OMG Anthropologie wedding dresses!!

I was so excited to hear last week about the launch of Anthropologie's bridal line, BHLDN, which officially launched on Valentine's Day.

I am getting married in less than 6 months (aaah!) and of course am following lovely wedding blogs, so I couldn't help noticing that Anthro is helping me out with the mood for the wedding dress I'm designing!  I want something sort of fanciful, but also simple enough and not too froofy or fluffly.  A little vintage flair, but not too much.  Thanks, BHLDN (pronounced "beholden"), for the beautiful things!  See a few of my faves...

...Gooooorgeous gowns, all unique and beautiful and amazing:
Great hairpieces to go with (I have such a conflict on hairpieces!  I have no idea what I want!  Veil?  Birdcage veil?  Rosette?  Headband?)
Even boleros...
 Which of course go over the lovely bridesmaid dresses they have!!
And suuuuch shoes...
And of course they have original jewelry:

Anyway.  I couldn't resist sharing some (a lot of) favorites.  What good timing that Anthro releases a line of bridal goodies before I get married!  I can't buy all of them, but I love looking and getting inspired.  Check out BHLDN and pick out your faves!!


  1. These are oh so beautiful! What a wonderful source of inspiration for you.

  2. Anonymous2/16/2011

    Wow! These are great! Thanks for sharing, I have no idea. Can't wait to see which one you choose :)

  3. My favorite part of this post?
    "...Anthro is helping me out with the mood for the wedding dress I'm designing!"

    Good for you! I'm not even engaged and I have a Vintage Vogue pattern picked out for mine. :) What girl doesn't?

    Can't wait to see what you make!

  4. Lovely! I rarely see wedding dresses that I like (I designed mine and my mom made it for me), but some of these are just fab!

  5. oh wow - it almost makes me want to get married all over again!

  6. these are all gorgeous! I love Anthro everything and the wedding dresses look amazing even though they're not traditional white-white. The bridesmaid dresses even look like they could get reworn and not sit in the garment bag sadly for the rest of their life.

    since you are such a crafty person-there's a great site for creating your own wedding stuff because some of it can be extremely overpriced and you can create a better one anyway :)


  7. Anonymous2/16/2011

    WOW ... so much to choose from. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Good luck with your plans!

  8. I knew they were coming out with a line but didn't realize it had been released, thanks! You said designing, so are you sewing your own dress? I had no idea how to sew garments when I got married...it would be so fun :)

  9. Mmmmmm, aren't they gorgeous?

    They totally help with capturing the mood--much easier to show these to my mom than try to explain "ruffley, vintage-ey, kinda shabby-chic, not too formal, but definitely not casual..."

    And yes, I am planning to design my dress and my mom and I will make it! She has wanted to make my wedding dress since I was born, I'm pretty sure, but I'll do some of the embellishments and details. =)

  10. Those dresses are enough to make me want to get married all over again. My 25 year anniversary is this May -- gorgeous! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Anthropologie!

  11. Awesome! I see about three that would almost make it worth it to remarry hubby just to have it :P

  12. they are so stunning! makes me want to get married again.

  13. Fun, fun, fun! I got to make my dress out of silk:) Tea dyed the lace 3 x to get the right shade! My advice to you: 1. Give yourself a month more than you think you'll need-you want to enjoy the process!I stitched a veil 2 nights before. That wasn't fun.
    2. TRY ON dresses. I was very surprised at what did and did most definitely NOT work for me.

  14. Saw these earlier this week and would love to get married all over again. Such wonderful choices for a new bride. Enjoy this pre-wedding time.

  15. So beautiful! 26 years ago I made my own weddingdress, not so pretty like these. Moore meringue ;-)

  16. Oooh, I like the one with the black bow on it.

  17. Like the short one, second row, left side. It's super cute!

    Good luck with your wedding dress designing. I just bought my dress this week so I'm sharing your dress excitement!

  18. you´re so cute....
    beautiful blog!!

  19. Love your blog. My daughter wishes she was born in the 50's because she love the retro fashions.

  20. Aaw, thanks, you guys are so sweet.

  21. I wore a 50's retro style dress for my wedding last fall. It was supper cute.
    We also put on a surprise melodrama skit for our ceremony.
    Anything is possible.

  22. So very excited to read more of your wedding posts - my wedding is in September and I'm so excited to craft it all. Please share your favorite wedding blogs/tutorials? I especially would love to see any hair pieces you create/are inspired by.

  23. Omg! pretties! I love the one with the model wearing the headband, with some pretty open toed shoes! I cant wait to see what you do choose and make it your own!

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