Another fun plaid cape

It is very cold and pouring rain here tonight!!  I am thinking about cozy clothes and cups of hot tea.  Another thing that's good for winter?  Wool, and plaid.

You may remember the cute and wearable cape I made recently out of vintage Pendleton wool.  I used a McCall's pattern and had fun picking out classic wool plaid-appropriate buttons.

I made another cape, too... a different one in many ways but also a simple capelet that pairs with jeans and other easy-to-wear pieces.  It's made of a vintage 80's suiting wool we got a bolt of at Goodwill, and I didn't use a pattern at all on it.  Just figured how long I wanted things to be and added some bound buttonhole-type belt holes in the front.  Add a self-fabric belt, and voila--a warm but lightweight layer!
Have any of you been thinking about capes and other uses for wool?


  1. Very sharp~ I love it!


  2. Another wonderful garment. I wish I had one of those! November decided to turn chilly and wet here as well.

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  4. I loved your first cape and love this one too. The belt really makes it! You said you didn't follow a pattern - any chance you're going to do a tutorial? I would love to make one but am really intimidated.

  5. I did a post on my blog about capes, I am obsessed with them and bought a pattern to make my own, now it's just a matter of finding the right fabric (I'm going to the Goodwill Outlet soon, fingers crossed I'll find something usable). Your fabric and design are adorable, as usual!

  6. I actually took a throw blanket and turned it into a shawl/poncho/cape. I love the snuggliness of it! :)

  7. Hi,
    this cape is so beautiful, I absolutely have to search for a pattern to do one for me!!!!
    I just finished a wool dress yesterday:-)
    if you want to take a look:-)


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