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A close-to-last summery dress

Thank you, Oregon, for the gorgeous and warm weather we've had this past week!  I've had to pull out the cuffed-hem jean shorts a couple times and I love it!

I am a summer and warm-weather person, so I'm not thinking about fall yet.  Which may be why I'm still making summery dresses... the latest is a seriously modified version of McCall's M5806, inspired by a few Anthropologie summer faves:

The pattern:
The pretties:
I like the sort of drapey look of the ruching and tie belts on these dresses.  I used the criss-cross spaghetti strap version in the pattern and cut the pieces larger and longer than called for, so I could gather them and sew them to the linings (cut the original size).  This made for ruching on the bust and midriff.  I had a lightweight cotton print that I got on clearance at JoAnn a while back, and the texture and weight were about perfect.  I didn't have enough for a two-panel skirt, but the fabric was extra-wide, so the skirt is the width of one panel--not super puffy or anything, more modern.
Here it is with the sash:
And without the belt, 'cause I thought it looked cute that way, too!
See the ruching?  The fabric has little Asian flower buds on it, but kind of looks like popcorn to me.  Either way, it's a fun, lightweight dress for late summer!


  1. Very cute, I love the colour of this dress!

  2. Gorgeous fabric - gorgeous ruching, well done!

  3. nice fabric choice and it goes so well with the pattern

  4. You did a lovely job! And I can't believe how flat it lies across you bust. These sort of dresses always pull funny there for me, which probably means I'm not making the correct adjustments for my body. :) Used to live in Portland area and I sure miss it! The warm all year round weather of Southern California is really not all it's cracked up to be!

  5. I love the print, and the cut/ruching is really flattering!

  6. I feel bad... but I'm over here going, Sun, please just go away and let fall come! I'm so ready, even though we didn't have that hot of a summer! :)

  7. Wow Suzannah, your sewing talent is only matched by your productivity. I'm seriously impressed by all the beautiful things you've made this summer. Next year we're moving to a place that is 24/7/365 summer, and I've already thought that I'm going to go on a Suzannah-esque summer dress sewing spree. Say that 3 times fast :)

  8. What a lovely dress, and it fits you so well! I'm still in summer sewing mode, but here in DC, I can count on another 30 days of warm, sunny weather. I love the colors in the print you chose, I bet it would look great with cropped cardigan over it too!

  9. This is one of my favorites I've seen so far! I love the fabric and the ruching!!

  10. Super cute. Love the fabric. Pretty please can you take a full body picture of your smiling face with your creations? Its so much fun to see the full effect. You are fantastic.

  11. I wouldn't have thought about using a formal dress for a sundress, but that one is perfect. I love the fabric used, too.

  12. Darling dress! I wish I could sew like you. I did just made a baby skirt with that same fabric though.



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