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Fall is coming? I'm in denial.

As you may have gathered from my most recent dress posts, I'm still thinking about summer weather.  We have had the stupidest summer so far (summer is my fave season, and I look forward to it all winter and spring), with only a few hot days and rain through June and some of July.  So I've been thinking, maybe it'll be warm later in the summer or later in the year, with the first few weeks of official fall being an Indian summer?  I'm still hoping.  I went blackberry picking yesterday and there were still fresh blackberries on the bushes... and most people's tomatoes are still not ripe yet!  We need more warm days this year.
But, the rest of the country does not seem to share my frustration and the fashion world is months ahead of me.  Starting in early August, I was receiving September issues of my magazines with "Great fall looks!" on the covers.  I have a bunch of cheap or free magazine subscriptions and enjoy leafing though and pulling out my favorite looks for my idea binder, but I just couldn't bring myself to read the fall issues just yet!  It had just begun to be warm and sunny; I didn't want to look at wool and tights and pea coats!!
I know when I read these magazines I'll get ideas for new sewing projects and distract myself from the cute summery clothes in my closet I still need to wear.
(Look at that--two Glamours, even, and I really like Glamour!)
Yesterday it started to rain, and today is grey also, although we expect more sunny weather next week.  I'm thinking it maaay be getting to the time when I can start reading some September issues... but jeez, I feel robbed of a summer!
What do you think?  Are you excited for fall fashion yet, and tired of warm weather, or are you still hanging on to some summer picnics and weekend beach trips that need to be gone on? ;)


  1. It must be the nice weather you have there off the coast - after our too humid to go outside summers in the midwest, I am longing for fall.

  2. Anonymous9/16/2010

    i already started my fall sewing, I love it!!! i like it better than summer :)

  3. I absolutely love fall! It isn't my favorite weather, but it is definately my favorite season for fashion! Boots, leggings, hats....I love being warm and toasty while looking at the New England Foliage! I hope the weather improves for you, but for me, fall is awesome!


  4. I completely feel you. I'm up in Seattle and it's raining RIGHT NOW. I want to wear skirts and dresses and cute tanks! gah. it's not that I don't like fall wear, it's that my summer clothes didn't get enough use :(

  5. This was the hottest summer I can remember in DC, so I am READY for fall. Of course, fall here tends to be pretty pleasant until about mid-November, so it's not like I have to worry about being cold for a couple months now.

  6. I'm still hanging on to summer and refuse to drink my first Pumpkin Spice latte of the season until my calender says it's officially fall.

  7. Do deny the fall! Think of all the beautiful colors and the crispy air.

  8. Our summer was way too short, we definitely were robbed but I think we have no choice but to move on to the fall and start dressing for it.



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