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Romantic drapey sweater makeover tutorial

Today I made over a pretty pink sweater from Goodwill Outlet using these lovelies as inspiration...
These from Anthropologie:
And these from Ruche:
Yay ruffly sweaters!  I know they are all very different, but there's quite the wide range of lacy or ruffled sweaters and tops in
Needless to say, there are a lot of possibilities!
Here's a (primarily photo) tutorial for how I made my own similarly-flavored sweater!
  • I took this:
  • Got rid of some of the excess length of the ties:
  • I used some vintage lace I had, think I got it at Goodwill Outlet.  It was still attached to some bias-cut thin cotton and it was sewn into a loop.  I think it was the hem on something...
  • I used a large stitch to gather one edge of the lace.
  • I measured the rough amount of gathered lace that I would need to go all along the neck edge and cut off the excess.  Then I found and marked my centers and matched them up.
  • Then I sewed the lace right on top of the neck edge.
  • At the bottom of the neck edge, I tightened the gathers up:
  • Aaaaand, done!

So cozy and feminine at the same time!


  1. OOOOOO That turned out so pretty! Love it.

  2. lovely! I also got at lot of lace lying about.. I might just use some of mine on a cardigan that needs some prettying up:)

  3. some of these are realy cute.. i like your DIY too.. very cute

  4. You never cease to amaze me. Super cute!

  5. que idéia boa esta da camisa , ainda não tinha esperimentado! parabens

  6. Anonymous6/08/2010

    nice blog!

  7. Anonymous4/10/2011

    so vintage and cute!!

  8. Anonymous11/11/2011

    ur so amazing and have a lot of skills.



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