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Pretty vintage butterfly wallpaper

Okay, so here's the story.  Sometime in 2007 I was rummaging through the bins at the Goodwill Outlet and found a big roll of this silver wallpaper with butterflies and silvery branches all over.  I recognized it as being vintage... 60's or 70's maybe?  My mom thought it was tacky, since she remembers when it was new, and it did sort of say "bathroom" to me.  I bought it anyway, and didn't really use it for quite a while.  I'm not a wallpaper person--the term brings to my mind images of dark green ivy swirling across a white and burgundy check background--uuuuuuugggghhh, the 90's.  But it's having a comeback!  And I love the new prints I've been seeing.
I've been very bored with my blank dining room wall, and tried some different art things, but I decided since it was essentially blank this month that I would try wallpapering it!!
I had this roll of wallpaper, and the more I looked around, the more I saw similar types of wallpaper from lovely beautiful expensive brands that I would never actually buy from...
These from Schumacher:
These from Osborne & Little:
 And these from Brewers Ecochic line:
And this Shand Kydd II one:
I thought about different ways to apply the wallpaper in my apartment, and while I did find some good recipes for paste, I opted for the staple gun method!  Less messy on the clean-up, I think.
I am so excited!
Have any of you had any surprising success with wallpaper?


  1. Looks great but I'm not sure about the clock though....seems out of place. I like the staple method, never would have thought of that

  2. Nice! I really like that wallpaper!

  3. Looks awesome..but I agree with the other comment about losing the clock

  4. That is a really, really exciting find!!!

  5. The wall paper looks great! I guess we know where Osbourne and Little got their inspiration.
    I like the clock but would move it to a different wall.

  6. That silly clock. I like it a lot but it has a very short cord so I'm limited on where I can plug it in! I moved it to another wall where it's a little better.

  7. Looks rad! I can't believe the staple gun works as well as it does. Good for you for holding onto the wallpaper until you found just the right fit. Impressive.

  8. I loved the wallpaper...little bitterflies...it's so kindly!



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