Turning an icky apartment ceiling fan into a faux pendant lamp--brief tutorial

I have lived in apartments since my third year of college, and they usually have those icky ceiling fans for lighting in the dining room area and ugh, they do not go with my decor.  You know the ones I'm talking about.  Our current apartment building was built in 1982, and uuuuugggh, the accessories.

So I unscrewed the fan blades at the base--it was actually pretty easy and simple, and I know I'll be able to reattach them when we move out!

Next, I measured the width of the base so I could get metal rings of the same size.  I bet they're pretty standard, but mine was 11".

I went to JoAnn and looked for metal hoops, and the closest they had was a 12" ring.  I bought two for $1.99 each and cut fabric the circumference of the hoops plus a 1/2" seam allowance.
I just used clear packing tape to attach it all together!

Looks kind of like these, huh?

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