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Stenciled shirt for a guy

I stenciled a bunch of stuff today, but I made this robot t-shirt for the fiance who likes nerdy t-shirts.  On one of our fave shows, The Big Bang Theory, the main characters are science nerds and wear cool Urban Outfitters-esque tees, like these:
www.SheldonShirts.com has all these stills of the nerd shirts and where to buy them... but they're all like $25-30, which is more than I like to pay for shirts that get washed a million times and stretched out and worn for painting like Jason's clothes do...

So I took a Gildan Ultra Cotton tee and stenciled a couple of robots on it:

There's Jason modeling it.  Some of the spray adhesive is still stuck where the stencil used to be.  Hope it comes out in the wash!

I used stencils from my fave new book, Stencil Me In.

They have a robot stencil, as well as a rocket ship and a single helix.  Cool dude stencils.


  1. that is VERY cool. i think there isnt as much stuff out there for us to make our men (big and little!). thanks!

  2. Have you tried freezer paper stencils? It's worked really well for me!

    Googling should produce a lot of tutorials, but here's the one i used: http://www.neitherhipnorfunky.com/?p=106

  3. who is that hot model? rawr! keep up the good work, sister. you rock!

  4. I would love to use freezer paper stencils, but haven't tried yet! I will add it to the grocery list...



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