Before and after: $5 night table!

I bought this night table at Goodwill Outlet for $5 because the tapered round legs go with my gorgeous vintage curved-front dresser, which I am also planning on painting!  I have been needing a better night table.  I think this one used to have a drawer, but when I bought it it was just the shelves and slightly wobbly legs.
So, I added some glue to the legs, sanded down the whole thing, and painted it dark brown with my semi-gloss paint from my table and chairs.  This time, though, I used a 4" microfiber roller instead of a brush--no brush strokes!  Only needed one coat.
This was so fun and easy, I am inspired to finally paint my big dresser!


  1. Nicely done. I need one of those at my side of the bed. It looks like it would fit perfectly.

  2. Beautiful job! We have transformed many a piece of furniture with paint. Love it!


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