Tailoring isn't actually that hard.

Tailoring, or basic coat-making, is not as hard as I thought it would be.  I doubt I could make a complicated man's tailored jacket or anything, but making this coat, shoulder pads and interfacing and all, was not too bad step-by-step.

I used McCall's 5525.

I had some really nice quality pink wool that my mom got at the thrift store.  That really helped.  It was quite a project, more pieces than I'd like to work with, but I think it would be fun to do this again with a cotton canvas in a cute color for spring.


  1. ok, wow, that is phenomenal. I've never attempted something like this. Now I'm inspired. Maybe for winter 2010 though :)

  2. oh my you made this?! you make it sound so easy!! t looks amazing. Damn I wish i could sew, I really do! xx

  3. Hello fellow Portlander!!! Love your blog and this coat is sooooo pretty ~ nice job!

  4. I cant believe you made that coat! Its so cute! I totally want one! I'm breaking out my sewing machine this weekend! Thanks for the inspiration!


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