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Brrrr! Insulating with a draft stopper

It is cold. The highs are in the 30's here this week and I can feel the icy chill through the glass and the space beneath the front door of our little apartment.  I am so glad to have warm curtains on some of our windows but the kitchen floor has been colder than usual with the draft from the front door coming through!  I was thinking I need one of those draft-stoppers they sell in SkyMall and the like... I made one out of scraps of red tartan from the plaid miniskirt I cut up for my stockings.  It's wintery/Christmasey, which makes sense since I'll only really need it in winter.  I filled it with rice, so it's heavy and stays in place.  Super easy and I can feel it making a difference already!

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  1. Anonymous2/21/2010

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