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10th wedding anniversary trip!

On Friday we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. Wow, right! I've been blogging for almost 12 years and our wedding was a huge project so I documented it all way back then (see all posts about it here), and I don't post about every anniversary but thought 10 years deserved a post. Plus, we did something really special!

For a long time I thought we'd do something big, like a week in Hawaii or new engagement ring set, but we haven't had the capacity to do any extra things very well lately (see also: vegetable garden needing to be harvested, not vacuuming frequently enough, etc.) and it crept up on us. Plus with two little kids and Jason only 6 months into working for real, now is not a great time for a trip (COVID, too). But I thought it would be really special and sentimental to go back to our wedding venue and maybe even stay there overnight, without the kids. 

I haven't spent a night away from at least one kid since April 2018 when Otto was born! It is a big deal to be able to go to sleep without wondering if you'll be woken up in the middle of the night or early morning. Plus, just all those hours of independence... wow!

We headed out after the kids' naps Friday and walked around Edgefield, had dinner, went to the soaking pools, had a big breakfast, sat on the porch, took a few pumping breaks of course (they brought us the tiniest minifridge for the room), and visited some memorable spots from our wedding photos. So I'll mix in a few of those with the current ones (you'll be able to tell the difference!). Wedding photos are by Studio 623 Photography.

Our ceremony was at the Administrator's House/patio.


There's that tree in one of my favorite photos, of our first dance.

We'd never been to the soaking pools before. No time at our wedding! We really enjoyed them!

Brunch at the hotel restaurant the next morning...

Back to the soaking pools again. 
Little walk around the campus to some more wedding photo spots.

It was so, so wonderful to get away (even for only 22 hours) and nostalgic and special to revisit Edgefield. It's no Hawaii, but we had a great time!! 

And I might still get a new wedding ring set... and new silverware... we can stretch out the anniversary celebrations a little bit. ;) Cheers to 10 years, but also, this taught us we need to take time away for ourselves more often!!

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