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Basketball poster turned decor - how to make sports art look great in your home!

Things I love: unique decor, meaningful art, updating something old, and making my husband feel involved in the look of our home. 

I recently re-framed a poster Jason has had since childhood and hung it proudly in our upstairs hall. It can be hard to make sports-themed decor fit into a traditional, vintage rug-filled, historic home like ours, or with more feminine decor. But it can be done, here’s proof!

I worked with Art to Frames on an Instagram collaboration about this poster but this post is not sponsored. 

Sports poster turned traditional home decor

Jason picked out this Michael Jordan poster in the 90’s at a poster store with his mom and remembers choosing the frame and everything. It was a black plastic frame and had plexiglass, and they both had gotten really scratched up over years of moves. But he still loved the poster and was nostalgic about it! He asked a couple times about putting it up somewhere and I wasn’t sure where it would go. I felt bad. So I found a solution!

I got this nice, solid wood poster frame and 1.5” mat from Art to Frames. It’s a standard size frame, 24”x36”, and super affordable for that big size. Their prices are so good, and they have SO many options you can do/customize. This is their Black Stain on Red Leaf Maple frame.

I hung it over a vintage dresser in our upstairs hall, right outside our bedroom, the upstairs bathroom, and Otto’s room. It’s fun to look at every day while juggling kids at the potty/getting up from naps/putting away laundry… ha. It makes me smile and think of Jason and the kid in him.

I picked out a new rug for this space when I replaced the art here, too. It’s from my new favorite Etsy shop, so so many beautiful vintage Turkish rugs and amazing prices. This one was around $150 for an almost 6’x9’!! Previously we’d had a printed reproduction vintage rug here and it was just not the same. I am sold on vintage all the way now!

Check out Art to Frames for affordable custom framing and a huge selection of frames of all sizes! I’m so happy with how I was able to make this poster look great again and work with our home!

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