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Vegetable garden update: planting starts

I’m really excited about the garden that we had last year and we're doing this year, and I was hoping to share updates once a month or so in the spring and summer documenting what we’ve done. It will help me in the future if nothing else! I haven’t gotten to do an update in a while though, so we’ll have to skip ahead from where we left off, where our veggie starts were growing from seed

Since then, we let them get a little bigger and then, around mid May, planted them. Otto helped Jason which was super cute. Other than the strawberries which are perennial and just came back from last year anyway, we haven’t harvested anything yet, but I bet those lettuces (top photo, left) are about ready! 

I was also hoping to get some weeding done before taking these photos, but have not had time. The weeds got a little out of hand, at least for my taste, by the end of last summer and I really hope to not have that happen again. But, I only have a couple hours a weekend to spend on things like that and the front also needs weeding, plus I’ve been working on the One Room Challenge office a lot lately. That’s done now so once we’re back from our Fourth of July trip I hope to spend some more time on weed maintenance.

Also need to build this path. All those pavers are temporary. This is the primary tomato area, which I bet will be going crazy in a month and a half!

We'll also probably harvest lettuce and peas soon! Lots of salads coming up around here. I also see some baby zucchini growing!

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