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The beginnings of our garden this year: starting vegetables from seeds!

We've dabbled with vegetable gardening for many years but last year we had our first real garden, with a huge variety of plants and a lot of dedicated space in our yard. I had almost nothing to do with it; Jason did it all himself with advice and help from his mom, but I was totally convinced by the end of the summer after having plenty of vegetables to harvest every day.

We did almost everything from starts last year, which is a bit more expensive but we thought would also be a safer bet. This year we're starting from seeds and we're so excited with how well it's going so far!

We started by listing our all our favorites from last summer, and ordering seeds for them from Territorial Seed Company. (We looked at ordering some starts and some seeds, but the shipping on the starts is really expensive. We might get some starts from a local nursery, but we have some time to do that if any of our seeds fail!) We also ordered these compostable pots and some Black Gold potting soil.

We used those and some plastic start pots we had on-hand. Jason and Otto planted the seeds and labeled everything. (This is the kind of thing that takes longer with a toddler around, but is hard to get to if you can only do it when no kids are around, and bonus: the toddler loves it.)

We set the starts up in a couple old plastic drawers in our breakfast nook so we can move them around if needed. Put a couple up high for more sun but honestly, the sun in this spot is pretty great, especially in the mornings.

They are really taking off!! They're less than 2 weeks old in these photos (we planted them March 28 and this was April 9). 

I guess I am looking forward to when we can plant them and have this part of the breakfast nook back, but oh, well! Nice that we didn't have to buy any extra equipment like lights, racks, or heaters, though honestly we might want to play around with those kinds of things if we do this again on a larger scale.

We're doing a slightly smaller area of garden this year but might add in a couple planters. Just need a few more sunny weekends to get all of that set up!

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