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2021 house project goals!!

We're feeling so good about our progress on this house (the Stanley Tudor - Revived)! We're in a great spot where we don't have ANY rooms that need to be completely redone (as long as you don't count the basement or garage). We have some updating to do and some rooms to finish, and plenty more on the exterior, but we don't have any more bathroom renos on the horizon. Phew!

I shared our 2020 house project progress here and you can see the almost-current state of our house here. Here's the list for 2021!

Here's the part where I share sort of embarrassing current-state "before" photos taken on a random day in late December, when I didn't put away or clean up anything. Plus, Oregon in the middle of winter is not pretty outside. But here goes.

2021 Historic Tudor Revival Home DIY Project Goals

I'll break this out into exterior and interior. I won't put maintenance/improved maintenance (like giving the hedges a better trim) or minor updates (like finding the perfect art piece for a tricky spot) on this list. Instead, this is the stuff that will take a weekend or two to do, plus more time beforehand for planning.

Exterior Projects

1. Finish the path in the backyard. We started on this but never finished so we have two depressions (tripping hazards as well as not pretty) and Jason wants to pour some big custom concrete pavers for the triangle-shaped area. 

2. Garden. We had an amazing vegetable garden this year!! But it was our first time doing one of that scale and we can improve on it this year. Better weed control, expand some areas and keep lawn in others, etc.

3. Back patio. Not sure what this will entail exactly, but we'd like to make this a nice, usable space rather than just a messy project area. Get rid of the (currently non-functioning) hot tub. Possibly jackhammer up and replace the concrete. Add a nice table/chairs/umbrella!?

4. Driveway repair. While we're at it with the concrete, I'd like to fix or have fixed our cracked, jagged, poorly patched driveway. I'd like to get a couple quotes on how much it would cost to have someone do it, and see what the options are.

5. Finish painting (gutter downspouts that were added after the house was painted, etc.).

6. Possibly paint the brick on the front elevation (sorry, Mom). I didn't plan to do this originally, and tried to choose a paint color that would go with the brick, but I still don't love the look, and even after power washing, the brick isn't in great shape. It needs to be tuck-pointed (have more mortar added back) and it already has been in different colors of mortar, so it won't match. I think we could paint it ourselves with the right paint and our sprayer, and a really good ladder. 

7. Other front and entry updates... re-stain the door, gotta fix that funky lantern! The 80's (?) amber glass does not do it for me, and one piece is broken. I meant to have the glass replaced, and spray paint the lantern, but the glass place has been closed because of COVID.

Also really hope our grass in the side yard takes. We planted it too late in the fall so only a little bit has had enough sun to really sprout. :P

Decor/Interior Projects

8. Finish all our bedrooms! We moved up here in November? December? and are still figuring things out. In our room, need art, curtains, bedding, layout.

Lucy's room almost done, just need to fix/add the overhead light and add some decor. I will post about this room soon--it was dark wood paneling and dark green linoleum flooring before, it has really transformed already!

Otto's room needs some bookshelves and a few finishing touches, too.

10. Wallpaper some stuff. I want to use a fun wallpaper in our little entry vestibule, and possibly my closet and somewhere else. I want some more color and pattern in our home!

11. Optimize the office. When we shuffled our bedrooms around, the room that became the office got the least attention. I'll be working from home for a long while still, I'm sure, and it would be great to have it be a nicer space. 

12. Basement again. This has been on the list before. We didn't get to it this year. Probably just paint (waterproofing treatment) the walls and possibly floor, add some lighting, reorganize/add shelving. It's so gross down there right now. Oh, paint/repair the window trim, too; the wood is in bad shape.

13. Garage. I'd love to paint at least the ceiling (it's patchy) and window and door trim/doors. 

14. Add quarter round everywhere it's missing. This was on the 2019 project list... oops. I did buy it recently! Just need to stain, measure, and nail gun it in. It will make a big difference to me, I know, to have those raw edges of flooring covered, and will help with dust/dirt, too. (It was removed in some rooms when someone added carpet years ago and when someone else removed it they didn't put them back.)

15. Music closet!?! This is kind of surprise one. We came up with it as we were brainstorming this list. There's a spare large closet at the top of the stairs with plywood instead of plaster walls. It has a light and I think even power outlets. Jason's storing some stuff in there but it would be really cool to paint the walls black or a cool color, add some sound-absorbing foam maybe, and set up a music playing/recording area for him. Just need to find another place for some of that stuff... ;) We have been working on decluttering this holiday break and it's going well!

16. Style. Last year I set an intention for my decor style for 2020... I said, "simple but not boring, and using more antique or vintage pieces and less mass-produced stuff." I did that (the vintage/unique part), but I do think I strayed from "simple." My style has definitely changed over the past few years (part of it is living in an older home, part of it is just the natural yearning for something new) and I'm now a little torn, actually. I still love the rustic/modern/white walls plus touch of vintage look of Amber Interiors, but I also have been learning more about and soaking up inspiration from way more traditional, less minimalist designers and homes. I hope I can pinpoint my style this year. Some current faves: @thehillsidehouse, Room for Tuesday (this living room!), Jean Stoffer Design, Heidi Caillier Design if I’m feeling brave. I want more color and pattern. For neutrals: more tan, less grey. More unique pieces. A more cohesive style with the larger pieces. 

That's it! Just created a tag for our goals for the year! And here they are individually:

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