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Cute baby gear! One thing that's easier about having a newborn in 2020

This post is sponsored by Ingenuity. I received a complimentary product and payment in exchange for my candid review.

Having a newborn is not easy! But things have actually changed a lot since I did this last. In just 2.5 short years, some things have really changed!! There are a few pieces of desirable and necessary baby gear that are way more available--cuter, more affordable, more varied. Having the right stuff can make parenting more fun, and easier!

This post is sponsored by Ingenuity™ but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. 

One way having a newborn is easier in 2020

The cuter stuff is so much more available!

I put a lot of value on the look of my home as well as function. I feel good in a peaceful, tidy, well-thought-out, decorated space. So bringing in a bunch of colorful or plastic-ey baby stuff kind of stresses me out. With Otto I bought as many neutral items as I could (solid white changing pad cover, solid color baby blankets, etc.) but most of the more neutral things were grey/white which was sort of too modern and cool-toned for our house and still stuck out. The alternatives were designer wood baby products, expensive! I know I might sound picky, but the good news... 

There are so many more options for affordable, attractive baby things now! Example: the baby play mat. When Otto was a few weeks old I realized I could get a play mat for him, to entertain him and give him a safe, clean spot to rest on the floor. I looked around... my options were bright, gaudy, plastic-ey, cartoon-ey ones for $50 or so or beautiful wood and pastel ones for $150. You could find the nicer ones at high-end shops or handmade sources, but I got confused by the handmade ones that came without toys, with multiple parts sold separately. 

We did get a simple playmat for Otto, but it wasn't cute and I was happy when he outgrew it and we could get it out of our living room! ;) 

But a lot has changed since then... there's a new product out this year that we just tried out for Lucy: the Ingenuity Cozy Spot™ playmat/play gym. It's a machine washable round playmat and gym, for ages 0+, with a nice pad in the middle so it's extra soft and comfy. It's reversible and it transforms into a storage bag to take on the go. The product has been popular and selling quickly but is back in stock now and I love the gender-neutral Loamy color (it practically goes with our living room rug!). Teal "Loamy" in stock (link).

Really cute toys you can mix and match and move around. Natural wood toy bar, natural rubber apple toy, baby safe mirror, and other fun activity toys. (Otto has been enjoying it as much as Lucy, he's been obsessed with "new playmat!" since I unpacked it the other day, haha.)

It comes with a tummy time pillow, and for older babies who can sit up you can obviously take off the bars and just use it as a nice soft surface for play.

The bars close up and it's easy to package up and carry (or store till the next baby). Oh, and it's reversible, cute design on the other side, too.

Honestly, for those of you who aren't currently surrounded by baby stuff, it may not seem like a big deal now, but when there's suddenly bright plastic or white and grey baby equipment everywhere in your house, you'll be grateful for options like this! I am really happy with the Cozy Spot™ play gym and absolutely recommend!

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