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Getting the living room ready for the holidays! With extra seating

Our living room is long and skinny. We have a couch and two side chairs, and a playmat for the baby! It's just not enough seating when we have more than a couple people over. We're always pulling in chairs from the dining room or the tiny storage cubes we keep toys in. I'd love a sectional sofa or big chairs, but there's just not enough room!

So I found a great solution. Beautiful, flexible seating that we can use at the entryway and then pull over into the main seating area for company. I'm sharing this update to our living room (plus a cool DIY art piece I just did) and a round-up of other affordable flexible seating pieces I love!

This post is sponsored by Joss & Main.

I recently got this real leather woven bench from Joss & Main (this exact one is no longer available but similar one is) and it's perfect for this corner of our living room most of the time. Easy place for people to take off their shoes, nice spot to sit and watch Otto play on the red vintage rug in front of the window. (I just did that DIY art above it recently, too! I'll share more details on my Instagram stories and reels.)

It's a beautiful warm, dark leather and is sturdy but also lightweight enough to move around easily. Here's the link again (similar). I like it here!

But guess what? When company comes we can easily move it around... put a plant or something else in that corner, put the bench in a spot we often save for the baby's playmat!, and voila! 2-3 extra seats in the main seating area.

Much better than lugging our dining chairs over to this spot. More casual and conversational, too.

We have a lot of more traditional elements in our living room but also some modern ones (like that DIY art, black floor lamp, rustic coffee table) and the leather is a really versatile style that works with everything here.

The bench makes our living space into a classic u-shape seating area, without affecting the areas we often use for toys and babies most of the time. So handy!

I've rounded up a few other excellent options from Joss & Main for flexible seating to make your living room accommodate more family and friends during the holidays. All of these are under $500 and versatile--they could go in a bedroom or entryway most of the time, then be brought out to the living space. I've also included a couple swivel chairs. I've heard motion is a hugely popular category in upholstery these days... everyone loves a swivel! Chairs that spin a bit are great at the edges of seating areas since people can rotate to face different conversations or rooms.

Some of these are upholstered and take 4-6 weeks or so to order. A reminder that Christmas is in 2 months, so it's time to start planning any changes to your home now!

Thanks to Joss & Main for sponsoring this post!

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