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Baby Lucy is here! Plus the final pregnancy update

 She's here! She's a week old and we're so happy to have finally met our baby girl.

The last few weeks (months, really) of my pregnancy were pretty hard and uncomfortable, worse than I remember with Otto, and I was getting really anxious for her to come (and anxious about the delivery after my first labor). I'll write her birth story soon but long story short, I started having real contractions around 7:30 the morning of her due date, Wednesday, August 12. Just like Otto, very punctual (either the babies, or some mind-body connection of mine!). She was born later that day!

Bigger than Otto, she was 9 pounds 12 ounces. WOW. I could tell she was bigger than he was in utero toward the end there! They were both 21 inches long. 

Her full name is Lucy June Stanley, after both my grandmas.

I tried a few of these with a bow... I just can't do it. Don't think I'm a baby bow person (at least not yet).

She looks so much like Otto as a newborn!!

We love her so much.

I've shared updates throughout my pregnancy here and honestly, aside from the first trimester where I had less intense morning sickness and fatigue, this pregnancy was definitely harder than my first.

I wasn't as diligent about taking photos of my growing belly this time around as I was the first time, but like last time I put together a time lapse of the ones I do have. They say you get bigger faster with second pregnancies... I'm not sure I did, but there was one week (23.5 weeks vs. 24.5 weeks) where you can see a huge jump in belly size! And at the end you can see the final photo at 38.5 weeks baby had really dropped down. (At that point I was already a dilating a little and starting to have mild contractions.) None of those big changes happened with Otto.

So far the postpartum phase is mostly easier this time, except a few elements of healing physically. We've been doing really well emotionally and everyone is totally healthy. This labor was SO much better than the first (way less stressful and difficult for both of us) that's helping our moods too. The sleep deprivation has been hard already but hopefully she'll at least get the day/night confusion over soon.

We are definitely still getting used to being a family of four! Otto has been so great with the baby and doesn't seem to be jealous or anxious about it yet (though she sleeps a lot so we've both still had plenty of one-on-one time with him so far). I have a lot of emotions about sharing my time with him and am feeling overwhelmed with gratitude and love for our babies already.

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