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Gazebo makeover and new outdoor furniture & decor--reveal!!

I am so excited for this one!! We have NEVER had a decorated outdoor space before... I think I put a plastic rug down on the porch of our townhouse but other than that, nothing--and never an outdoor space that was good for lounging! The old gazebo in our backyard had potential but we finally got to sprucing it up and adding some (really budget-friendly) decor, and I'm in love!!

Thanks to Joss & Main for sponsoring this post!

I shared my design ideas and before (and progress) photos in this post. Um, we had our work cut out for us. We bought this house almost 2 years ago so we've been doing some of the clean-up and demo over a long period of time. But I only just this spring thought about what we should add to it!

Joss & Main was excited about this project since they are doing a Cozy at Home campaign right now. We know we'll be spending a lot more time at home this spring and summer... so glad we have this great space to enjoy here now! They have a ton of great outdoor furniture and decor options right now, and always great prices.

To get this space ready for decor, we powerwashed the concrete and had it painted and gutters added when we did those improvements on the rest of the house. Then we just had to deal with the ceiling. We had been thinking for a long time it would look nice if it was stained an even color, really show off the wood. We debated spraying it (which would have involved a lot of taping off but then been fast) or rolling/brushing... we chose the latter but it ended up taking Jason about 12 hours of work over a week or so. All those little joins to hand-do! We used an exterior stain/sealer in one, two gallons.

Then we got to add the new light fixture and string lights! Then the rug, furniture, and more!

The light fixture is this one from Joss & Main and is meant to be used outdoors so we know it's safe being in the wetter air and in case of high winds blowing water onto it somehow.

The furniture set is also from Joss & Main (this one) and I cannot believe the great price. It's four pieces--two chairs, coffee table, and loveseat. It came in one box and Jason and I assembled it really quickly one evening after Otto went to bed! The cushions are a nice outdoor fabric and versatile white color, and surprisingly substantial/cushy for how compact they are. 

Everything was really easy to assemble!

OK but also check out this rug. (I have a thing for striped rugs--we just moved a wool one from dining room to our bedroom, it works everywhere.) I'm glad I was able to find a tasteful indoor/outdoor beige striped rug, too!! This one is super durable and can be washed down easily, and even just swept. We got the 5'10" x 9'2" size.

We love having a soft place for our feet, where we can be barefoot outside but still feel comfortable!

Can't wait to use this space for relaxing and guitar-playing (Jason) after dinner and baby bedtime this summer!

My mom helped me with those outdoor planters--I wasn't sure what to do with them so she bought me some pretty white annuals, just perfect. 

This color palette would go with anything, so I trimmed fuchsia rhododendrons from our yard, but we have 5 or more different plants and they're all different colors and all bloom at slightly different times, so I know I'll switch it up!

Really proud of how this turned out!! Now, to kick up my 28-week pregnant feet and enjoy the coming spring and summer!

Thanks again to Joss & Main for working with me on this project!

Linking these pieces and some other stylish affordable choices from Joss & Main below! (See all my faves in this post!)

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