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Unique, vintage-inspired bathroom art updates and affordable custom framing

I am the first to admit that art was an afterthought when we did our main bathroom reno last fall. Despite planning that projects for months, I waited till the last week to think about the art. (Why?!) For the reveal I found some pieces we already had and printed out a free printable, but none of it was perfect.

So, I put a lot of thought into it finally and found the perfect vintage print and unique printable and went with Art to Frames custom framing, a really affordable option and best way to get the exact sizes I wanted!

Thanks to Art to Frames for providing these beautiful custom frames for me to share with you! Use code CREATE15 for 15% off site-wide through 2/25!

I wanted something short, wide, and horizontal for above the tub. Previously I'd had two vintage Japanese prints there, but they didn't have quite enough presence for that big space. I found a vintage reproduction download, Canyon, from Juniper Print Shop (so many unique pieces, vintage and new!).

In the Art to Frames custom framing tool, I cropped the top and bottom to make it even more long and skinny. I chose the Clear Finish on Hard Maple frame, a 1" wide frame with a nice bevel to it. I ordered a standard mat (2" I think) but instead of white, I chose "Light Cream"--Art to Frames has a million mat color choices including a lot of whites, but this one is just barely off-white and is actually really close to our wall color (Sherwin Williams Alabaster). When we put the Alabaster paint up I struggled with how different it was from the pure white tile, but then I came to like it when we got the softer white grout in. I didn't want to mix up the whites again with the mats so the mats for both of the new art pieces I got are that Light Cream color and it looks a little yellow against a white background, but perfect against Alabaster! Plus, I was going for a vintage look and I think a not-pure-white mat is a great way to do that! Mats age with time and can yellow slightly. I love the soft cream with the vintage Canyon print!

For the opposite wall, above the toilet, I wanted a different type of piece... I thought about a botanical print but they all felt too preppy. I've been seeing a lot of charcoal sketches in high-end homes and I found this digital download of a lovely woman with a bun. For the original bathroom reveal I printed her out on printer paper which was super cool white, and she was pretty cramped in the standard store-bought frame I used.

So this time around, I took the same digital download but Photoshopped the background color to be a nice tan color I made up hex code #F2E5CD (RGB 242, 229, 205). It's darker than the Light Cream mat and is meant to look like a vintage original sketch.

I wanted a different, but harmonizing wood frame. (I actually really love the Clear Finish on Hard Maple and it looked good with this too, but I wanted something a little different!) I chose the Contrast Walnut frame which is a gorgeous, not-too-red dark stain with a little gold edge. So classy! 

For both of these frames I chose the non-glare glass option, which is only a few dollars extra for small and medium frames.  Helpful since we have a window next to both of them.

I'm SO happy with the warm tones, soft mat colors, and vintage vibes of both of these. I really encourage you to check out digital downloads and custom framing from a place like ArtToFrames! So easy to just upload a JPG and choose the size you want, and receive a beautiful custom framed piece.

Thanks again to Art to Frames for providing these frames for my review! Use code CREATE15 for 15% off site-wide through 2/25!

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