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Unique handmade art: our Crater Lake tree ring print (and custom framing with coupon code!)

Unique, personal art is a big goal of ours in this home. We've had a mishash of art styles over the years from all different sources, but we have decided we are done with mass-produced generic art and only want to bring in pieces that are special to us. Of course we want them to be beautiful, too!

I'd been seeing tree print woodblock prints around lately, I think most of them by one artist: Erik Linton. He cuts and prints by hand so, so many beautiful tree rings and offers them in any color and lots of sizes (depending on the size of the tree!). He reached out to me and offered one of his prints for our home, and Jason and I were so excited! We love the look, and he has prints from places that are very special to us.

We really considered his Yosemite ponderosa pine tree ring print (36"x36") and Jason's family loves Yosemite. But the 36"x36" was actually just a little too big, and we decided on this 24"x36" Crater Lake tree ring print (from a 100+ year old red fir tree). Jason and I have both been to Crater Lake, and it is one of Oregon's treasures and we love celebrating this state.

You can see lots more prints on Erik's Etsy shop here.

For now we hung it in this prominent spot in the living room. I'm looking for another black/white piece of art to go next to it.

The frame is custom, from Art to Frames. I've used them before and their quality is excellent, and it is very affordable custom framing! For this one I ordered their black on red oak picture frame which you can order in almost any size. For this 24"x36" it's less than $40 (more if you upgrade to the non-glare plexiglass like I did for this print). It's solid wood! That's an amazing deal. Guess what!! You can get 15% off your order at Art to Frames with coupon code SUZ15 until October 21!

We hung it from the picture molding, but made it look like it's leaning. I wrapped the picture wire just long enough to hang from the hook for security, but still sit on the mantel.

I don't have the perfect piece to go next to it yet but played around with this print. (Tried it without the pumpkins, too!

You can see in the shot below that the anti-glare plexi really works! The smaller print is in a standard/off-the-rack frame with regular glass and it definitely picks up some glare from the windows to the left of this shot. The big frame doesn't have that glare at all! I've found that when you have a big window/light that is across from the frames at all, they pick up a ton of glare... so the anti-glare treatment may not be as important in a space with more diffuse light or next to a window (as opposed to across from). 

The tree print looks great in the sleek modern wood frame, too. 

I like the look of two large pieces on a mantel, and ours is plenty wide so the art and decor need to be substantial as well.

We are just in love with our Crater Lake tree ring print and so happy to have a LintonArt piece in our home! Thank you so much to Erik for sending us this print, and thanks to ArtToFrames for providing the frame!

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