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What do kids really want for their decor?? Interview!

What does a kid really think about his/her room? Do they know what they want in a space just for him/her?? 

Today’s episode of the Your Home Story podcast is unique in that Ashley is interviewing her son, Greyson, all about his room. She’s getting ready to embark on transforming his space but wanted to get a bit of direction from him to hear what he would really enjoy having.

Hear about where the space started (it was dark pink with wallpaper) to all the DIYs they’ve done so far, plus the functional upgrades they are going to do soon.

Links to what they talked about:
  1. The DIY magnetic map wall
  2. The DIY closet loft
  3. The lego storage that they are liking
  4. How to print cheap poster prints

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