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MCM-inspired black and brass bathroom reno BUDGET!

I love to share a budget breakdown of my projects because I track the costs so carefully myself, and am usually very budget-friendly, so want to inspire you that you don't have to be swimming in money to remodel a room in your home!!

I recently completed the design, some DIYs, and posts about this full bathroom reno for the spring One Room Challenge--literally everything changed except some of the drywall. This was not my home, and my clients/friends chose to hire out some of the work like replacing the window, so it's not exactly apples-to-apples if you choose to do something similar in your home, BUT I can still share so much with you about what costs to expect on this kind of project!

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So, welcome to this bathroom! (You can see the full reveal post here with more details.) We tiled the floor and shower, replaced the vanity, mirror, and lighting, resurfaced the tub, and more.
Here it was on move-in day when my friends closed on their sweet 1961 home. (That red vinyl is not original, but the pink plumbing is!!)

We used the same big hex tile on the shower as on the little backsplash area. W

This budget breakdown is not quite as exact as mine have been in the past, because I don't have all the receipts! But I was working closely with my friends each week of this 6-week makeover and am pretty familiar with all the expenses they had. (You'll guess I plugged in some estimates for tools, paint, etc.)

Vanity $419 (they used a $50 off IKEA coupon)
Vanity fronts $392 (provided)
Cabinet hardware $27.60
Faucet $250
Sconces $256 (provided)
Ceiling light $118 (provided)
Mirror $149
Towel bar $30
Hand towel ring $14.00
TP holder $14
Schluter DITRA subfloor $87
Floor tile $205
Floor grout $18
Spacers, tile tools, etc. $50
Tile board $45
Mortar (used for all tile) $20
Toilet $200
Toilet wax ring $6
Paint $60
Baseboards $80
Tub refinishing $500
Shower subway tile $180
Shower grout $18
Shower faucet etc. $154
Shower head $154
TOTAL: $3,446.60(Labor and window replacement not included)

(That includes the cost of the products I received in exchange for sharing with you (vanity fronts and lighting). If you did this project at home, you could expect to spend $3,447 on these same products.)

Important budget considerations about this project to note:
  • Keeping the existing tub but having it refinished saved them $1500 in labor removing the old cast iron one and put in the new one! Even though a new fiberglass tub is only about $200.
  • There was also some glitch on Overstock.com when my friend ordered the floor tile and she got it for way less than it should have been somehow. She called them and sent them screen shots and everything. It was weird.
  • She also returned 123,509 things to Home Depot and there were some issues with some of that so she got at least two $50 gift cards for her trouble! So you can subtract some from the total for that. ;) 
  • They really wanted matte shower tile, and larger than the standard 3"x6", so went for this one which is about $5/SF. You could use standard glossy white subway tile which I saw at my Home Depot recently for only $0.88/SF!
  • We also did some drywall repair and I did not include that cost. Hopefully you don't have to do that in your project. ;)
  • I didn't include the cost of towels or decor items because those vary so much. However most were very affordable from places like Target, and you can see the sources in this post.

Phew! The costs really do add up, even without labor. DIYing saves a TON of money and this project was possible because we did so much of it ourselves! This was my fourth bathroom reno and I seriously think learning to tile has been one of my best skills! That and installing light fixtures... a must!

You can shop most of the items in this bathroom reno right here:

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