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Decorating with kids, hanging art on plaster walls, easy cosmetic fixes, & more

Listener Q&A! We collected some great questions from listeners of the Your Home Story podcast and this week we're covering decorating and organizing with kids, how to hang art on plaster walls, how to update a space when you can't paint the massive walls, simple cosmetic fixes for first-time homeowners, couch vs. sectional in a tricky room layout, and more!

You'll have to listen to the episode for all our answers, but here are some links we referenced:
  1. Bat box mosquito solution
  2. Frame a poster instead of putting up a wall decal in your kid’s room.
  3. A beautiful example of neutral baskets in a kid’s space instead of primary color bins.
  4. The Studpop stud finder for lathe and plaster walls
  5. A great look at what a picture rail looks like if you aren’t familiar with them.
  6. Episode 20 on small electrical
  7. Episode 2 on painting cabinets
  8. Our Facebook group conversation on the challenge of painting a large open space.
  9. My hallway/carpet removal update
Some super cool looking rooms featuring toys and kids' items in this home tour...

I also love and had to share a pic of the toy bins Ashley talked about, and framing a poster for a kid's room!

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