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Renovating and rolling with the punches--or, when projects snowball

The question of where to stop when you take on a home project can be so hard! You debate between, let's just do a few updates and make things better--vs., well, if we're doing this, we might as well do it right... which is the right choice?!

A great example of this is Ashley's kitchen renovation: the original scope of the project was just removing the wallpaper. Take a look at what it turned into!!!

They moved the range and opened up the wall to the dining room, scraped the popcorn ceiling, removed all the upper cabinets, had a window widened, replaced appliances, built the wall of cabinets on the new range wall, painted and replaced the doors on the other cabinets... wow!!!! (And lots more, see her full reveal with before pictures here.)

It looks amazing and had it not snowballed like this, she probably wouldn't have renovated her kitchen beyond paint and wallpaper removal. What a fabulous project!! However it took lots of time (it was mostly DIY) and cost about $15,000... for some of us, that might not have been an option.

Ashley has found she does this often--even right now while working on a project that was supposed to be just a powder bathroom redo, but is now also a laundry room update! (Follow along in her Instagram story highlights under Powder Bathroom.)

This week on the Your Home Story podcast, Ashley and I are talking about how that happens with home projects, what the alternatives are, what it means to keep adding to the to-do list, how to budget but also go with the flow and make the best project for you!

We want to share more of what's going on with us on our current projects, and just talk about our experiences and feelings being in the middle of this whole (never-ending) DIY home improvement journey. I really hope you enjoy this episode!!

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