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More style, less stuff. Cozy Minimalist Home author interview!

I am so excited about this topic!! This week on the Your Home Story podcast we had the opportunity to talk to Myquillin Smith of the blog The Nester about decorating your home--for function and to show off the things you love, without getting stuck with cute clutter and still feeling like something is missing.

Her new book, Cozy Minimalist Home: More Style, Less Stuff (affiliate link) is out this month and it totally speaks to me!! I feel burdened by too much stuff around me and love the idea of minimalism, but I also want my space to be beautiful. Moving into our new house has given me lots of opportunities to get creative and try new ways of laying out and decorating our spaces--but you could do it any time!

I really got a lot from this book and loved talking to Myquillin! Check out the interview and photos below!

Myquillin has moved many, many times but recently settled down in a fixer upper and has figured out how to express her style in a comfortable home for her family. Her book talks you through how to find your personal home style ("cozy minimalism" is not a style--it's a tool!), how to make Pinterest work for you, how to get the biggest impact from your purchases, how to redecorate a room in a few important steps, and more!

She also throws in some big pearls of wisdom. My faves below...

The book includes lovely photos and lots of good quotes. One I really love is, “To be useful, an item must be used.” That is huge for me to remember as I sort through boxes unpacking or organizing... I've kept a lot of functional things because we might need them sometime. But I don't have to keep all that stuff if I don't have a use for it!

Another quote I love is, "If everything is important, nothing is." That reminds me to really prioritize the things I put in my home--I don't love all of them the same! Just because I like something or it's popular doesn't mean I need it in my living room.

And a key takeaway for me from this book is, bigger is usually better for making an impact! One of the visuals in the book is an example using a small vs. large table lamp. The bigger one has way more presence and looks less cluttered, like less stuff! A classic example of her tagline, "more style, less stuff." Seriously, think about that next time you shop for a rug, vase, pillow, shelf decor item... get ONE big one instead of 2-3 small!

Find the book Cozy Minimalist Home: More Style, Less Stuff  here...

And listen to the interview here or in your favorite podcast player!

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