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When to DIY and when to hire out: PAINTING!

I have been up to my ears in painting projects this summer... and the past couple years, really! We've done a combination of DIY and hiring professionals, and... well, there's a time and place for each.

Super timely that we talked about this question on the Your Home Story podcast this week! Ashley and I both have plenty of painting experience and share our tips and thoughts on painting (both interior and exterior) for the do-it-yourself route or hiring it out. (Spoiler alert: we think both are good options depending on the project, you'll have to listen to the episode to hear when and why!)

We even talk about using a paint sprayer, to tape or not to tape (taping off windows and ceilings), and more about how to get the job done!

Resources we mentioned in the episode (this list contains affiliate links):
  1. How I sprayed all the walls at our last house in about 5 hours
  2. Painting an interior sunroom with a sprayer
  3. We love angled brushes and Ashley specifically loves this short-handed brush.
  4. I've used foam edgers like this (refills here)
  5. For small projects, this small paint sprayer can work really well.
Here are some pics from our spraying day at the Stanley 90's Reno. In the episode we talk about the many reasons why this approach would not have worked at our current house!
(Yes, that is a grocery bag on my head.)

Listen right here, or find/download in Apple Podcasts or your fave podcast player!

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