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Unique & Minimal Halloween & Thanksgiving Decor

Believe it or not, we're heading into "the holidays" soon--pumpkin spice season, Halloween, fallen leaves, warm colors, then Thanksgiving! This year I'm all about a new way of decorating for the fall holidays...

Ashley and I are talking this week on the Your Home Story podcast about our takes on "decorating" for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the rest of fall--enjoying the fun parts of celebrating the changing seasons and holidays, without just accumulating lots of new STUFF every year (or to use only once/year).

Sometimes this means DIYs... in the episode we talk about some of our projects and decorating successes. But there are other ways you can celebrate the feelings of the season without going crazy with stuff. Including "looking past the end caps," choosing pieces that you love and feel festive to you, knowing your colors, and more!
Ashley's skull and candy bowl from last year (source)

Projects/decor we mentioned:
  1. Suzannah’s simple holiday banner/bunting sewing project
  2. Ashley’s Halloween decor last year
  3. My minimal fall/natural decor last year
  4. My Thanksgiving tea towel stencil tutorial

Listen here or in your podcast app!

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