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Modern traditional dining room table styling - 3 ways - plus, lighting options

A couple weeks ago I shared on Instagram that I did not own a single vase. I made it my goal for the weekend to buy one and lucky me, I found ONE vase that I liked at HomeGoods and brought it home!

Well, since then I've been to another HomeGoods (coincidence? Probably not) and bought the glass vase I've been wanting a while (here's a similar one).

And, vases aren't the only option for our dining room centerpiece... I played around with three different ways to style our dining table! I'm going for a "modern traditional" look (as defined by Emily Henderson)... we have most of the furniture, but still need lighting and some pieces on the side walls.

I also put together some mock-ups of the lighting I'm considering and would love your vote!

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1. Small vase and greenery

I styled this beautiful Portugese pitcher vase with sprigs from one of the many, many bay leaf bushes we have in our yard. So it smells nice, too! This look is super simple and clean, classic mod-trad, with greenery that works in any season.

2. Go BIG! Big glass vase, long sprigs

I have been wanting one of these belly vases for a long time and HomeGoods sometimes has them. I originally wanted clear glass like these but I actually like the color this one brings!

3. Statement candle holders

I got these big, meaty candle holders before we moved into this place and they were the only decor I let myself buy when everything was still in boxes in our apartment garage. I put them on a classic runner to contrast from the wood of the table. They would also be pretty with muted colored candles, and a linen or other soft colored/patterned runner!

Dining Room Lighting Options

Ah, now the lighting decision. Our dining room has the original 1937 chandelier, which is super cool and I really respect, but it's not my style. I plan to keep it in the house (we have another one just like it but missing the glass in the basement, that used to be in the living room), but find something new for us. It's funny, this is a Tudor revival style home and they used to use a lot of black iron fixtures, gothic-inspired, but I guess our house wasn't super far the Tudor revival direction in their finishes. But I do want to do something that either works with the early 20th century revival look or is modern and ironic but works.

I put together some (pretty rough) mock-ups of the fixtures I'm considering. After seeing these, I think I have a different favorite than I did before! You tell me which one you think is best!

1. I was so close to ordering this fixture. Classic candle chandelier. Playing it safe. But something stopped me and I kept looking. But this is option #1.

2. Hear me out on this one... and see this inspiration photo. Something totally early mid-century can work with rustic pieces.

I'm pretty sure I don't love this particular one but it is fun to see the mix.

3. I looooove this style of fixture (in bedrooms and living rooms, too). It is also a mid-century look and I'm pretty sure it's not right for our home, but I just love it.

4. I just happened on this one randomly, it's on clearance right now. I wouldn't have thought to put something so big (I mean, I'm guessing on the scale but it does have three tiers) but it could be a cool statement! It's sort of like #1 in feel but way more special.

5. A bit modern but still a traditional feel.

Unfortunately my favorite is one of Jason's least favorites. He likes my second fave too but I think I want to go a little bolder! So I look forward to hearing what you guys think! Comment below and on my latest Instagram post about this room!

Here are all the fixtures in this post!

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