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We now own the Stanley Tudor - Revived!

W have been dreaming and hoping about this house for more than a year now!!

Now, we have the keys and our name on the title! I'll spare you the details of the scares we had during the closing process (I hear going realtor-less in a for sale by owner transaction can be tough, and this house had some unique challenges), though we will be doing a Your Home Story podcast episode about buying houses soon and I will share more there.

We got to work right away earlier this week, here are some scary photos!

We will mostly be living in the downstairs portion of the house for a while, so we are prioritizing getting that area move-in-ready first. The house is a "fixer upper" in some ways but nothing is terribly broken, bathrooms and kitchen are mostly functional, etc. However it hasn't been lived in for about 2 years so there were a lot of cobwebs. And, we want to start with a clean slate and paint the walls white before we get all of our furniture in there.

First step was removing ALL of the curtains and hardware from the walls we will be painting! Most of them are from the owners before our sellers, so pre-1987!

We had planned to hire out the painting, which I was really excited about! and would be great cause we have a tiny baby and are tired. :P But, I had a hard time finding an affordable painter who was available in July, so we decided to see the bright side (saving that money--maybe for a new kitchen?!) and do it ourselves. That does mean it will be slower and we will have to do the upstairs room by room/at a later time.

I also will do a post about why we decided to paint over the wallpaper. I know that probably sounds terrible but multiple contractors told us that if you do it right, that is the best way to get a painted look over ancient wallpaper. And we have a LOT of it.
Choosing our white paint

You can see all the posts about the Stanley Tudor Revived here, plus:

I will try to get the "before" tour up here soon--can't wait to share!! This house is huge and has so much, er, potential!

I will also be sharing a ton on Instagram stories and a few posts, in real time, so make sure you follow me there!

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