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Plant care! Plus where I stand on real vs. fake, and how to decorate with them!

I'm not an expert on house plants, but I do have experience with quite a few varieties - my success rate for keeping them alive is about 75%.

Ashley is more experienced with a few more common houseplants and has quite a list of recommendations for easy-to-care for plants. We ran through all of our faves in episode 32 of the Your Home Story podcast! Plus, she shares how she makes fake house plants look more realistic.

We also talk about what types of pots to grow and display plants in, and what spots in your house work best for which. So you'll learn from this episode whether you're Team Real Plants or open to take ones, too!

Our top 10 easy-to-care-for houseplants:
  1. Sansevieria, AKA Snake Plant / Mother-in-law’s tongue
  2. Philodendron, AKA Pothos
  3. ZZ Plant, AKA Zamioculas Zamifolia
  4. Hoya
  5. Rubber Plant
  6. Agave or Aloe
  7. Fiddle Leaf Fig
  8. Pilea, AKA Peppermoides
  9. Ficus
  10. Jade
Resources we mentioned:

  1. Ashley’s post on how to water/bathe a fiddle leaf fig
  2. Designer Anna Bode on Instagram
  3. Turns out a ficus does flower, and even produce a fig fruit, in some conditions! Read more here.
  4. Here’s the plant food that Ashley’s been using.

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