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Super important but pretty daunting - exterior home maintenance

The Stanley Tudor Revived project is a project house from first sight. It's surrounded by mature hedges (and tons of plants, really) and the paint and roof are clearly weathered. Jason and I will have LOTS of exterior repairs to do over the next few years--and then maintenance!

Ashley and I do a thorough run-down on exterior maintenance tasks in spring, summer, fall, and winter on the Your Home Story podcast this week! It can be super intimidating to think about--it's hard enough to keep up with making the interior of your home look and work the way you want! So hopefully this episode (and the printable on Ashley's site) is helpful.

We run through the whole year, season by season. A few resources we hit on:
  1. Power washing is amazing!! It can make such a big difference. Ashley has and recommends this affordable one (affiliate link).
  2. We both got crazy caring for our dryer vents and I even shared photos of my dryer vent situation.
  3. Ashley changed her back patio mulch to river rock as a more permanent alternative to mulch.
  4. Use Ashley’s tutorial on installing gutter guards if you have trees that drop their leaves in your gutters in the fall.
  5. Check out the free downloadable exterior maintenance checklist to keep track of these tasks by season for your exterior.

Speaking of exteriors, how about some #backyardgoals right here...

Listen here or in your fave podcast player!

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