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How to decorate with a spouse (!!)

This question is SUPER topical for me right now because soon we'll be moving into our new house and starting almost from scratch on the decor in a lot of rooms! Jason wants to be involved in the decor but he and I work very differently with picking out products and styles. Not to mention all the DIY projects we'll need to do, like landscaping and plumbing changes!

But here are some Cliff's Notes and four important questions to ask for decorating or doing home improvement with a spouse! I gotta remember these tips on our upcoming projects...

This week on the Your Home Story podcast, Ashley and I share what's worked for us and how to work on a home project with a spouse, who may have different taste or level of enthusiasm.

When you listen to the episode you'll hear us go into more detail on these four questions you that will help you talk it through with your significant other:

  1. What do you envision the space to feel like?
  2. How are you planning to use the space?
  3. Do either of you have any specific “wants” for the space?
  4. Find what each of you does well and let you both run with it. E.g. budgeting, plumbing, design...

The first home tour Jason and I both liked--as I shared way back in this post. Image source.

Listen here or in your podcast player!

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