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Why this first-time mom only needed ONE baby registry - my fave pieces! And Babylist Hello Baby Box!

Starting my baby registry was one of the more exciting parts of my early pregnancy. I felt really icky the first trimester so laying on the couch researching essential baby registry items was one of the only things I could do. I wanted to build ONE registry where I could track items I had researched and decided on--more for me than anyone else at that point since my shower was months away.

I had heard of Babylist as a universal registry where you could add products from anywhere. I checked it out and found out it's much more than that! I signed up right away and started reading their registry guides and sample registries. So helpful.

Now, months later and after lots more online shopping and research fun, I have a complete baby registry (and after two showers we are really set!!!), and am sharing my FAVE items with you in this post!

Babylist also has a Hello Baby Box free welcome gift when you sign up (check out my video of it below!) and is super easy for friends and family to use. I have had a great experience with Babylist and am so excited to share more with you!

Here are a few current faves from our registry! More below...

How Babylist Works

Babylist works more like Pinterest than a traditional registry on one retailer's site. Rather than adding things to your cart or registry, you click on the "Add to Babylist" button you add to your browser and a pop-up shows up immediately that lets you choose what category to add it to in your registry. I also used the Babylist app and added products from my phone the same way, and by pasting links and browsing the web within the app.

Once you have your registry created, you can re-order the categories (clothing, feeding, baby gear, "for the parents," etc.) and edit details on each item.

You can send a link to the Babylist registry and people can find it by searching. When people want to shop from the list, they can "Reserve" an item and keep shopping, or mark it as already purchased (anywhere, even a brick-and-mortar store). I've done that myself when I've purchased things from our registry in between showers, for example, to make it clear that we already have it! The registry is easily sorted by Available Gifts and Reserved & Purchased Gifts.

Add products from anywhere! Our favorites

Using the website or app, you can add products from ANY retailer! (You can also add things that don’t come from stores also, like meals, babysitting, dog walking, house cleaning, etc.--it really is a universal registry!)

You'll see even just in this small list of faves, I added products from everywhere! Not just Amazon and Target. There's also Crate&kids (Land of Nod), The Tot, Etsy, Pottery Barn Kids, Hanna Andersson, and more!

It was important to me that people shopping for me have options for price, shipping, membership cards, etc.--so if something was cheaper at Amazon but they have a Target card and free ship to store or something, they should have that choice. When you add a common item from one store, Babylist lists other places it's available so folks can choose where to buy (and it will still mark as reserved on the registry). Some examples:

This grass drying rack and tall drying rack.

And the popular Fridababy NoseFrida:

And of course people can buy things anywhere, even a local store, and mark them as purchased.

The Hello Baby Box

Babylist also has a free welcome gift for eligible new parents when you start your registry. Each month they have a new Hello Baby Box with free goodies, samples, and more to get you started with your baby stuff collection. The Hello Baby Box is limited quantity while supplies last, and for US residents only. I shared what's in the April box here!

Hope all that info was helpful! We have really enjoyed using Babylist and I'm sure it will work well for you, too! To get your Hello Baby Box, click here to start your Babylist registry today!

You can also shop the post here!

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