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21.5 week pregnancy update--and the bump

I've now made it past the halfway point and fully transitioned to maternity jeans and loose tops. Man, this process has been crazy and I'm celebrating that we've made it more than halfway by now!

I wanted to share this update at 20 weeks but we were in the end stages of selling the house and I didn't have a chance. But I figured, most first-time moms don't deliver at 40 weeks, anyway, so maybe I'm still right around halfway there. ;) And it turns out my updates are MUCH more interesting this week than they would have been a week or two ago!

I definitely started feeling better after my post-first-trimester update post and while I'm still not back to my normal self, I'm able to eat a lot more kinds of foods and I don't feel icky anywhere near as often. And, my energy levels are so much better and I'm able to work out a few days a week again, but shorter workouts.

Two big changes since that update. First, around week 17-18, I felt a kick. I think. I wasn't quite sure, what it was, but I felt more in the week following and now I feel them all the time! They are so special. It does sort of feel like gas, like I read it would, but not where you'd expect to feel that. Little taps, usually on the left side. I've tried to put Jason's hand on my belly when I feel them but he says he can't feel anything. Looking forward to when he can.

Second, the bump. While I've been wearing the hair elastic jeans buttonhole extender solution for quite a few weeks, months even, I didn't feel like I had a bump until just recently. I just felt bloated. When we took Christmas card photos with our friends at the tree farm the other day, my friend said I had to show it off!

It's a definite bump now. For a loooong time there, I didn't realize it was anything at all until I looked back at my week 4 photo, a couple days after we found out.

I know everyone tells you to "take a photo every week, in the same outfit and same setting!" but as you can see below, for a solid 10-week chunk there I was in no position to do ANYTHING extra and didn't have the energy or normalcy to change my clothes and pose for something. Even now I'm not excited to do it every week. I feel sort of guilty about that. And, now we've moved in with my parents while we wait on our next house, so my backdrop has changed and hopefully will change again.

This may be my first bit of mom guilt.
Week 4, week 14, week 21

I am torn between being so excited to have a real, bigger, definitely noticeable bump and feeling so self-conscious about my growing belly. I tried on a tight maternity sweater the other day and I think it was a size too small but still, I felt so awkward and not used to how I look now. I still feel like I just look like I've gained a few pounds (I have--14!) and like people may think I just have a bit of a beer gut. Isn't that stupid, worrying what "people" will think?? I'm struggling with that still.

Our ultrasound is scheduled for this coming Saturday, day after Jason's finals week is over, so that will be another first and probably come with lots more emotions!

Overall, staying positive, and so grateful to be experiencing this miracle!

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