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New home decor + improvement inspiration -- three PODCASTS!

There's Pinterest, blogs, Instagram, books... lots of visual media for getting new ideas for home projects and decorating. But I'm a fan of listening to podcasts on my drives and while doing chores, and it turns out there are audio resources for tips, hacks, trend updates, and even design ideas, too! For the past year or so I've been enjoying these and I realized it's high time I shared them with you!

Three Inspiring Home Dec & Improvement Podcasts

1. Young House Love Has A Podcast

John and Sherry Petersik of Young House Love fame have an incredibly impressive resume including not only several books and an OG blog with 3,000+ DIY projects, but also a show house, several product lines at Home Depot, Target, and others, and a million magazine and TV appearances. They've redone three homes of their own and now have two fixer upper beach properties, and they're super pros at DIYing stuff like tile and decor projects but also have great tips for working with contractors on the bigger stuff. Plus, they're really goofy and funny and their podcast is lighthearted as well as informative.

I've listened to every episode of their podcast since they started it in 2016 and they've had some fun guests, great tips (recently they've had cleaning, organization, and budget experts on), and just audio versions of their rules of thumb for things like rug size. This podcast surprised me with how much info you can get about visual things just by listening! Of course, it is fun to see photos of their projects on their Instagram and show notes pages.

2. The Chris Loves Julia Podcast

I found this podcast around the same time as Young House Love's, though I wasn't familiar with Chris and Julia beforehand. At first I was confused about the host, their friend Preston... who is this guy? Which male voice is the husband again? But now I've figured it out and I like him! They mostly talk about Chris and Julia's house projects, but also share family stuff and have some great guests.

Chris and Julia's style is very similar to mine and I love seeing their room reveals and projects. They are quite ambitious and do a lot of things DIY, but also hire out more major stuff like their stair rail update and new front door. They have really been on fire lately and finished a nursery, their girls' room, girls' bathroom, guest room, and more just recently! And I've enjoyed listening to the podcast about these projects behind the scenes.

More great design tips via audio on this podcast, like about color theory, mixing metals, and which finishes look cheap. I can almost always picture what Julia is talking about so I love just hearing tips on my drive, rather than always googling and reading!

3. A Well-Designed Business

This one is different than the other two! It's run by an interior designer who runs a window treatment business, and it's targeted at entrepreneurs and interior designers--of which I am neither. But, she's had a few of my favorite designers/bloggers/Instagram inspirations on the podcast and I love hearing more from them, including their insider behind-the-scenes! Episodes 169 and 184 featured Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors--her stuff is my FAVE right now. And just recently, episode 236 featured Shea McGee of Studio McGee, who are also awesome and a great resource for design tips on their blog as well as inspiration from their gorgeous projects.

When I discovered that audio sources of information could be useful for decor, I searched for some other podcasts (and as I ran out of all of the first two!), and I think I downloaded a couple including one from HGTV or something... and was not impressed. So, I feel confident recommending not only podcasts in general for another medium for decor ideas, but these three!

Are you a podcast listener? Would you learn about home improvement projects via audio only? Any more recommendations for me???

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