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Exterior painting update at the #Stanley90sreno

Because of all the work we had to do in the interior of our fixer upper home, getting to the outside work has been a little on the back burner. But, we had an opportunity to get the painting done for a great price earlier this summer and took it.

I haven't shared hardly any photos of the exterior of our home because it was so ugly when we bought it!! But I'm sharing them here, with the painting and minor landscape updates we've done to dramatically improve its curb appeal (and make us happy when we drive up to it each day!).

I shared some inspirations and paint color combinations here, and puzzled over how to make our totally 90's garage-with-house-attached home look classy but still appropriate for its architecture which we're not really changing.

This is the listing photo of the outside of our house. As in, the best they could get it to look was this.

What's worse is the next-door neighbor and two houses across the street were also the same exact awful colors. Owned by the same out-of-town slumlord who apparently got a deal on that terrible paint and had someone do a really bad job of painting all at once!

I took these pictures right before the painters came so we could always remember. Ah, memories.

On this one you can see the fuchsia paint that was under the dirty maroon.

On this one you can see the yellow that was under the dirty paper bag tan.

Anyway, after some debating over colors (thanks for your tips!) we chose a medium-dark warm grey and crisp white trim.

The door is almost-black. (It used to be sort of navy but also really poorly painted.) It's still that ubiquitous wagon wheel window shape and still has the gaudy brass knob but I did switch out the brass light for a cute black one.

We also trimmed the shrubs and did some bark mulch in the front, side, and back, more on that later!

As I said, it feels so much better to come home to this place than the one-in-four-on-the-block tan and burgundy cheaply painted rental look. And of course it goes much better with the inside of the home! So glad we took the plunge and painted it this summer when we had the chance!

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