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My hunt for a natural fiber kitchen runner (help me chose!)

While my constant Craigslist searches did bring me this fabulous vintage rug, I have yet to find the runner I want for our kitchen. I do have a cool antique one I've put out before, but it's a little too dark and high pile. I don't have the budget for the vintage Turkish peachy patterned rug of my dreams and I really don't like most polypropylene reproductions, so while I continue to keep an eye out for something great while estate sale-ing, in the meantime I bought several nice modern cotton and wool runners to try out. I tested each of them in our kitchen, which one do you like best??

The first is a lot like the rest of our house--black and white, with a trendy pattern. Flatwoven cotton. I love it. But is it too much monochrome?

The next is a dense rag rug style, in a cool orange and off-white pattern. It's clearly a good quality rug, and all cotton, but I think the ivory doesn't go with the pure white we have everywhere else.

Next I tried this pretty wool one. I like the muted colors and cushiness under foot. It's a little narrow, though, and I wonder if the colors are too muted there, in the shadow of the cabinets?

Up close.

Finally, I tried this yellow patterned thick flatwoven one. It's actually acrylic of some kind, but feels just like a thick cotton or wool kilim (unlike the fake polypropylene pile oriental patterned ones). Grey does look good with yellow (like our cabinets), and it connects to the warm colors of the butcher block counters, wood shelves, and bamboo blind... but it's a little trendy (from a couple years ago, even) and not my fave color, really.

It maybe could even go upside down?

So which one would you choose??

Shop the rugs and other elements from our kitchen here!

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