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Master bathroom progress! Tile, lighting, and more!

You'd think I'd have figured this out after our two bathrooms in 4.5 days success... but man, remodeling a bathroom is hard!! Our master bathroom involves moving walls and changes to plumbing and electrical, plus the aesthetic stuff, so it has definitely been more work!

And, we ordered a vanity mail order and the tile took a while to get here, too... the vanity isn't here yet, and electrical (and associated wall repair) are taking longer than we'd hoped. So, we decided to tile the floors even though the walls aren't done, and we'll protect them with dropcloths when we paint.

Note: I'm working with Progressive on our master bathroom reno, one of their “fresh start” stories. Progressive is sharing the message that they understand the needs and the unique life stage of new homeowners like myself and lots of people I know, buying first or second houses and going through big life changes. Renovating a master bathroom is a big project and big improvement to our home's value!

We're making big progress! Saturday afternoon and evening I laid the tile. It was relatively easy, and the room was pretty straight and I only had to cut pieces along the left side, around the toilet, and in the door frames. These tiles are much bigger than the ones I used in our other two bathrooms, but they cut relatively well. But man, was I tired at the end of it!

We grouted the next day. The white grout is so pretty! (We used grey in our kitchen and other bathrooms so I'm not used to it.)

This may not look like progress, but we have the wiring DONE in here! We connected the light in the shower/toilet room to the switch for the vanity lights, and split the original vanity light into two, one over each sink.

We were going to install a fan over the shower, but wiring it is a bit tricky since the wires will have to go over the window where there's a solid beam, or under it and up, but then we hit a black plastic pipe (center hole), or above the shower, but we'll have to make the hole bigger and notch the two 2x4s framing the top of the wall. The plan is to vent directly out to that exterior wall because otherwise we'd have to mess around with vents in the roof. It's hard to work in that area in the attic since it's at the bottom of the roof slope. So we'll see what we end up doing!

Next steps besides drywall will be adding the plumbing for the second sink--you can see the rectangle on the wall approximating it. We're hoping there's room in the vanity behind the center drawers to roue the pipes outside the wall, so no more drywall damage... moment of truth will come when the vanity arrives!

These are the pieces we're using in the bathroom. Might give you a better idea of what it'll look like. So excited!

Thanks to Progressive for supporting our master bathroom reno project!

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