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Master bathroom reno progress!! Starting with demo

#DemoDay!! Everyone loves a good demo, right?! My dad, Jason, and I have been working hard on our master bathroom remodel and have gotten through the first phase already!

I shared our bathroom inspirations in this post so you can see the look we're going for! This makeover is definitely more work than our guest bathroom and powder room renos of last month. This room also has the only wall we're planning on removing in this stage of our fixer upper remodel.

Note: I'm working with Progressive on our master bathroom reno, one of their “fresh start” stories. Progressive is sharing the message that they understand the needs and the unique life stage of new homeowners like myself and lots of people I know, buying first or second houses and going through big life changes. Renovating a master bathroom is a big project and big improvement to our home's value!


First, my dad and I tore apart the wall separating the toilet and shower room from the vanity room. I actually got to hammer apart drywall like Chip does, and chunk big pieces of wall off! It's dusty work!

We also removed the tiles around the vanity, and vanity/sink.

After day 1 we had some joists still to remove and some 220 volt wiring to move around.

Then, we removed the joists and were left with exposed insulation.

Then, Jason removed the toilet, and we had to remove even more drywall to accommodate electrical changes.

Also removed the particle board subfloor layer that had been under the old vinyl.

Again, here's the "before." (We had removed the disgusting CARPET back before we moved in, so most of the flooring was out already.) (See the "before" video tour here and before photos here for more.)

Now we have some more electrical and plumbing work to do (this is our first project with work requiring permits!), then close up and patch the drywall, paint, tile, and start installing the pretty stuff!

I don't know about you, but that was a few too many icky photos for me. Here's a pretty one, of our mood board for the space.

Cannot wait to get things looking better in there and have our bathroom back! I'll keep you posted!

Thanks to Progressive for supporting our master bathroom reno project!

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