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Budget and sources: $391 complete powder room makeover!

We've done so many projects over at the "Stanley 90's reno" since last October, but most of them are throughout the whole house like flooring and wall repair... and we did almost nothing to the 2.5 extremely dated, deteriorating bathrooms until we were ready for the full guts. Yet we use them every day!! So redoing this powder room makeover, our main floor bathroom, really makes the reno start to feel more complete.

(See the video I just made about this bathroom reno here.)

We didn't have a ton of budget for this bathroom, doing it at the same time as the guest bathroom, but we did a COMPLETE transformation/makeover including toilet and tile for $391! Read on for sources and the breakdown...

The tile is from Thomas Avenue Ceramics (this one). If you're looking for affordable tile, definitely check them out (we loved all of their hex tile options). They have great customer service and way better prices than the big box stores!

Remember the before?

The Budget!

I got some lucky deals like our mirror for $2.50 at an estate sale (it was $5 but it was Sunday so half off!) and had been planning pretty far ahead for this project, so had time for shopping around for good prices and exactly what we wanted. But all of these items are pretty affordable!

Pedestal sink $60 Facebook Marketplace
Toilet $23 ($98, minus $75 rebate from our water district)
Faucet $59
Mirror $2.50 estate sale
Drain $19 
TP holder $9 
TP basket $6 
Mortar $5 (1/3 of what we used on other projects)
Grout $9 (1/2 of what we used for both small bathrooms)
Tile (~24 SF+10%) $117 (provided by Thomas Avenue Ceramics)
Tile board $20 
Tile board screws $7 (1/3 of what we used on all three bathrooms)
TOTAL: $391
(Since Thomas Avenue Ceramics provided me the tile, I actually only spent $274)
Not included: baseboards and paint, since we had them anyway for the rest of the house

You CAN make over an entire bathroom for less than $400!!

Thanks so much to Thomas Avenue Ceramics for providing the tile for this project! Please check them out if you need tile at a great price and want easy online ordering and free shipping on larger orders!

Shop the other items here!

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