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Two bathrooms in two weekends: Part 2! #stanley90sreno week 28

I considered calling this post "Two bathrooms in two weekends: What not to do."

As I shared last week, we're redoing both of our secondary bathrooms this month and had a pretty intense construction schedule! We did a TON of work last weekend and were exhausted but got basically everything on the list done and were feeling super productive and effective.

Stuff started arriving in the mail and we were feeling pretty ready to get things installed!

(Both of those tiles are provided by Thomas Avenue Ceramics. Aren't they cute? I love the classic shapes. I'll share more about our tile ordering process later but check them out in the meantime for free shipping and great customer service and online ordering!)

But, still waiting on the light fixture for the guest bath, and I bought some towel bars at IKEA that I decided didn't go. So I had to order more, and they're not here yet.

Then, Jason's cold got worse and he was super sick on Saturday morning, and got a slow start. I tried to install this beeeeautiful Schoolhouse Electric light fixture for above the sink and it looked great for a split second before it blew the circuit breaker. I tried re-installing it, Jason tried too, and then my dad tried Sunday... turns out the fixture is wired wrong, short in the fixture, and it actually just doesn't work. SO frustrating. So we have the LED shop light plugged in for emergency light in there.

We did install the sink, faucet, and mirror, though!!

Also, I tried to build the IKEA vanity for the guest room by myself but one of the pieces was literally backwards or upside down or something so we had to drill new holes for it and it turned into a whole debacle. Added a lot of time and stress. It was that or go back to IKEA which is pretty far away, and I had already assembled the drawers so didn't know how we would get the replacement, since it comes in two boxes... ugh.

We got it built, though! And identified that the plumbing will work without too much hassle, but we have to saw off the existing pipe to make it shallower so the bottom drawer will close. We totally would have done that had Jason not been sick Sunday, too. I felt so bad. He really needed to rest and I am not the plumber of the two of us. We also went to urgent care Saturday and turns out he has walking pneumonia, so he got some meds and should get better soon. But, not a great weekend to finish two bathroom renos.

I did install the mirror. I looooove it.

So, we had some hiccups. Our brilliant plan for doing two bathroom renovations in two weekends didn't work out, but I blame pneumonia, Schoolhouse Electric, and the fact that I don't want to pay for Amazon Prime so the other light fixture, towel bars, and handles aren't here yet. I also was really last-minute in ordering a lot of the stuff and some of it takes like 2-3 weeks for shipping.

So....... expect to see some more finished bathroom remodel photos next week, and can we still say we did two bathroom renos in two weekends if we just count the hours?? We only spent a few hours this weekend, so can we spend a few more and add them together? YOU could totally do it in two weekends if you don't get sick and plan ahead better!

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