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Becoming baseboard pros, and obsessive Craigslist searching pays off: #stanley90sreno week 22 progress!

Moooooore baseboards. We did a lot of the downstairs last week but there's still so much to do! Good news is it went much faster this weekend and we made big progress. And on some other little projects... and I finally got a piece I've been looking for on Craigslist!!!

On Saturday we got the living room and hall done (those involved some tricky pieces, angles, teeeeny floor pieces we had to recut, etc.....) and on Sunday we powered through the spare room and upstairs hall in less than 2 hours. SO glad it's getting faster!!

Oops, we didn't actually finish all of those rooms--still need to caulk them. Turns out Jason sort of enjoys caulking?? which is great since neither me nor my parents do and this has been a team effort so far. Now Jason needs to finish caulking some baseboards while I do something else!

So, my dresser search. Since around the time we moved in I've kept tabs open on my phone for Craigslist searches, so at least twice a day I refresh each of them and look for rugs, dressers, bathroom vanities, and a few others. I've been desperate for another dresser for our bedroom so I can move the fabulous midcentury low one down to the living room for the TV. I don't know what style our bedroom is going to be yet, so I wasn't too picky on dresser type, but wanted something affordable, real wood, clean, and large enough for all my folded clothes.

Friday I found one for $60 from someone who lives 10 blocks from us. SOLD!

It's missing some handles (I found replacements online) and has a few scratches, so maybe I'll clean it up, use it for a while, not sure if it'll stay in this room or not.

The BEST part is our beautiful vintage midcentury dresser looks great in the living room!

Should we put some art above it or on the side wall?? I was thinking a large plant would look good to the right but there's not quite enough room.

We also checked some lingering to-dos off the list including installing the new laundry room/garage door (with functioning handle! This is a big improvement.) and putting the last piece of the butcher block countertops in. Phew. So grateful for the weekend at home!

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