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Last week's goals: creativity, delicious food, and fun! And getting ready to sew. #Stanley90sreno week 17

I went into last weekend feeling pumped!! So ready to decorate, do some thrift shopping, and make lots of delicious meals for the weekend and week since I had just stocked up on veggies and been flipping through a new cookbook. I gave myself the weekend off from laying flooring. Last weekend was for FUN stuff!

I started by hitting up a few Goodwill stores with a friend. Didn't find the fabulous mid-century dresser or beautiful antique rug or cute matching nightstands I was looking for, but did find some pillows that have added nicely to our living room decor.

Also, as I've mentioned, I could basically be a professional Craigslist rug shopper at this point and have spent seriously hours checking for used rugs as well as scrolling the Wayfair and Amazon selections and saving my favorites. Never actually making a decision. We went to Home Goods last week, too, to look at theirs--they do have some nice ones but very little selection in the 8'x10' or larger range, which is what we need for the living room, family room, and spare room.

But all my online hunting and page-refreshing paid off, and we just bought this jute rug on Craiglist for a good deal before anyone else could! Now we have a big enough rug in the living room and it's wonderful!!

But more about the living room later. Back to the pillow talk. (I didn't mean that as a joke, but look, there it is.)

I've been feeling a little antsy and inspired to sew lately, which is an issue since the sewing room/office has been a landing zone for unpacked dusty boxes coming in from the garage. (Half of them are of art. So much art. Why do we have all this art???!) But anyway, I am so excited to use some pretty fabrics that Fabric.com sent me for throw pillows, I decided I must make the sewing room usable soon so I really, really tried this past weekend. I got as far as finding, setting up, and turning on the iron and the sewing machine, and finding my tools and cutting out the pillow covers. And filling up the ironing board spray bottle. Progress!!!

(Ready for some embarrassing photos?)

I also played around with the fabrics on the pillows--trick I learned from a friend years ago is to bring your goodies home from the fabric store and try them on different pillow sizes and locations in the row to see how they feel! I also arranged my extra down pillow forms to get the sizes and spacing right.

Those are gonna be cool when they're made!

Oh, hey, I should ask--what should we do to our living room? With the new rug in the space I played with moving around some furniture, but I am still totally stumped on art in this room and I think we may need to get a coffee table!! We haven't had one in years. (Also this couch is pretty tired and will be getting a couch cover and probably replacement legs sometime soon, so don't pay too much attention to it.)

Moved pillows and plants around and put this fabulous wicker chair in the corner. I put my DIY home body pillow there too since it matches in color but I think this room wants to be more boho ad maybe it doesn't belong here! (That black pillow on the left is also just fabric wrapped around a blank pillow form! I will make it soon, too!)

I don't know what to do for art in this space. The only piece I currently have that I think might work is this huge square grey and black canvas my brother-in-law did for us years ago. It, too, matches in color... but there is quite a lot of black and grey going on in here! What would you put above this couch?!?

We also installed this ceiling mount curtain rod in the front window. It adds just a little bit more privacy (that is a BIG window and the top part wasn't covered) and decorates this strange rectangular wannabe bay window space a little.

Also, never sure what to do with these chairs...

Unfortunately my weekend didn't turn out to be the perfect all-creative-food-fun-productive one I had dreamed of but I am SO excited about this rug and getting the sewing room set up is a huge accomplishment too. Bodes well for future sewing and creative pursuits.

Would love to hear your decor thoughts about our space!! I need some help!

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